Why some companies names are spelled differently?

Here you will learn how North Data handles the upper and lower case, punctuation, special characters, and abbreviations in company (and organization, etc.) names.

In the source of the information we use, such as the Trade Register and Federal Gazette, the spelling of company names is inconsistent. Particularly in older documents, variations such as "only upper case letters" as in NORTH DATA GMBH, or even spaced letters such as in D A I M L E R   A G.

Abbreviations are often handled inconsistently. For example, Meier & Sohn GmbH, Meier + Sohn GmbH, Meier and Sohn GmbH. 

For this reason, we automatically standardize spellings in order to optimize legibility. We keep upper and lower case letters to a minimum. Legal forms are maximally abbreviated (AG instead of Aktiengesellschaft). Wherever possible, we reduce special characters and spaced letters. 

It is possible that the spelling used by us differs from the original company`s name. Unfortunately, in individual cases, this is unavoidable and cannot be changed manually or upon request as we do this automatically.