What can I do if I am prohibited from using my company`s name for trademark reasons?

It often happens that companies must rename themselves because their existing name violates third parties' existing trademark rights. This article explains what to do in this situation.

The main point is to rename the company at the Trade Register, which is usually done by commissioning a notary. North Data automatically adopts the new name (find more information about it here). If the name change is not immediately visible at North Data, this may be because the respective registration court has not published the name change yet. In this case, please send us an email at info@northdata.com, with a current extract from the Trade Register indicating the new name.

The old name will then be listed on the corresponding company page under "previously".
This does not create any problems for the company mentioned - even if the company has signed a  restraining order prohibiting using the past name. In this case, mentioning the previous name is permissible and legitimate, as there is no trademark in use (e.g., no goods or services are advertised under this brand).