If a company database is synchronized on a daily basis via the Data API, Why is it recommended to continue using the quarterly exports?

Not all updates are available via the synchronization mechanism. Here you will learn which updates are and which ones are only available via the quarterly export.

If a database has been initially set up via the quarterly export, it can be kept up to date using the daily synchronization mechanism (as described here).

Daily query checks for new publications from the selected sources (e.g., HR/insolvency notices, annual financial statements in the Federal Gazette, and manual additions such as name changes due to marriage, etc.). This results in information of new companies and and/or updates updates on existing companies (e.g., new financial figures).

The daily query does not include:

  1. Batch updates (e.g., contact data of German companies, supplied by our partner Echobot, are only updated once a quarter, directly before the date for the quarterly export).
  2. Algorithmic bug fixes, improvements, and additions (for example, new and improved methods of determining employee numbers)
  3. Structural additions (e.g., new key figures and new sources)

Finally, we recommend importing each quarterly export entirely into your database (and overwriting the previous data).