Power Search: Overview

The Power Search finds companies based on refined criteria.

Geographic Filters

The fields "Country", "Place," and "Radius" can be used to limit the search results to companies that correspond to these Geographic filters. 

You can find out exactly which entries are possible in the article: Geographic Filters

Search Keywords

Keywords limit the search to those companies containing at least one of the selected terms in the company`s name, its corporate purpose, or the industry`s description. Logical operators may be used to combine multiple keywords.

Legal Form

One or more legal forms can be selected.

Legal Status

The search can be limited to companies with the legal status "Active", "Liquidation", "Terminated". Find more about it at our page: Status Information Defined.

Industry Segment Filter

One or more industries in which the company is active may be specified. You can find more information such as the standards used and industry classifications at our page: Industry Segment Classification page.

Performance Indicator Filter

Companies can be found based on performance indicator filters. You can find more information about how this works in our article: Power Search: Performance Indicators.

Event Filter

Event Filters can be used in the Power Search to specifically search for companies where a specific event took place in a certain period of time. For example, management change, insolvency, public funding, and much more. 


The general rule is: Entry fields can be left empty. In that case, the search is not restricted.