What can I do if a managing director (or other legal representatives) is not listed with North Data?

The public sources have only been fully available in electronic form since 2007. Therefore, information concerning legal representatives (managing directors, board members, authorized signatories, etc.) appointed before 2007 is usually not available.

Please send us an email to info@northdata.com, including a current extract from the Trade Register showing the date of the appeal of the person concerned ("chronological extract"). We will then add a corresponding entry.

Unique situation with GmbH & Co. KG (and similar legal forms). Just as with any KG, only the personally liable partner (i.e. the General Partner GmbH) is authorised to take over the management of the GmbH & Co. KG  (More information about it here - German). Therefore, the limited liability company's managing director is not directly listed as managing director of the limited partnership, even if he practically exercises the management duties. - This information only refers to some countries (Germany, Austria, etc.)