Using the Quick Search

This article explains how to use our Quick Search and what to write on the search box.

Searching for companies

Th following entries are possible

Company Name 
Company Name, City

e.g., ABC Company or ABC Company, Hamburg


The following entries are possible;

First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name, City
Last Name, First Name
Last Name, First Name, City

e.g., Peter Mueller or Peter Mueller, Hamburg, or Mueller, Peter

Registry Numbers, Reference No., etc.

German trade Register in the form of:
Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 11111
The United Kingdom, in the form of:
Companies House 12345678
Switzerland in the form of:

Insolvency proceedings in the following form:
Insolvenzgericht Hamburg IK 111/11
(only available to Premium Users)

The LEI-Number may be entered directly as:
(only available to Premium Users)


Street No., ZIP Code City
Street No., ZIP Code City, Country

e.g., Hermannstrasse 22, D-20095 Hamburg