Power Search: Geographic Filters

The fields "Country", "Place" and "Radius" can be used to limit the search results to companies whose headquarters or address corresponds to these filters.

The geographical filter is an essential component of the Power Search.

With the field "Country," the search and location selection can be limited to one or more countries.

Valid entries in the "Place" field are a city, zip code (by itself or with a city name), complete address, or state. ZIP code areas are also permitted (e.g., with one to four digits).

Example for valid entries:
20099 Hamburg
20  (all ZIP codes starting with 20)
Hermannstrasse 25, 20099 Hamburg

The radius search allows you to expand the search to include a radius in Kilometers/miles around the specified city. Particularly in this case, the location information entered should be a complete address or a city.

Please note that the "Country" selection is limited to the countries that are currently available in North Data`s database, which you can see by clicking on the dropdown menu under the "Country" field. You can find more information about that at our page: Country Overview.