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How is the industry segment determined?

Here you will learn how the industry segment codes are determined. This segment code is available for customers of our Premium and Data Services and it can be used to narrow down search results.

Echobot, who is our partner company, provides us with the industry segment codes, which amongst other information, is collected through the company`s information displayed in their website. If a company has no self description (e.g., very young companies), the corporate purpose stored in the Commercial Register is used. In the past, this was often kept very undefined, but is currently becoming increasingly precise and meaningful. Automatic algorithms (machine learning) are used to determine the industry segment. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no public source for segment codes in Germany (no segment code is filed in the Trade Register). For that reason, for many companies (e.g., shelf companies), no industry segment can be determined if no meaningful information about them is known.

The information in this article currently only applies to German companies