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How do different industry segment standards relate to each other?

Here you will find more about which industry segment standards exist internationally and how they are related to each other. North Data supports WZ-2008, NAICS, ISIC, NACE, and UK-SIC.

The following standards exist for the industry segments:

(1) SIC: early North American Standard Industrial Segment
(2) NAICS: new North American Industry Segment System (has largely replaced SIC)
(3) ISIC: International Standard Industrial Segment Standard of the United Nations. Currently Rev.4 (from 2008)
(4) NACE: The standard segment system for the EU. The current Rev. 2 (2008) largely corresponds to ISIC Rev. 4
(5) WZ: German Standard. WZ 2008 is based on NACE Rev. 2
(6) ÖNACE: Austrian Standard, ÖNACE 2008 is also based on NACE Rev. 2
(7) NOGA: Swiss Standard, also based on NACE Rev. 2
(8) UK SIC: British Standard (2007), also based on NACE Rev. 2 (not to be confused with the North American SIC)

It is less complicated than it looks: NACE, WZ, ÖNACE, NOGA, and SIC/UK share a common system. WZ is a refinement of NACE by adding an additional number. Example:

NACE has the code:
64.19 Credit Institutions

WZ adds three "subcodes":
64.19.1 Credit banks including branches of foreign banks
64.19.2 Credit institutions of the German Savings Bank Sector
64.19.3 Credit institutions of the Cooperative Sector

In the "Industry Segment" of the Power Search, you can filter your search based on different industry standards. North Data then "translates" the standard used in each country to the targeted standard. We generally recommend using WZ-2008.