How can I supplement company data regarding finances and shareholding structures?

This entry explains the existing options for supplementing the data displayed on North Data.

North Data presents data based on public sources. The ideal way is to supplement public sources:

  • Financial data:
    By publishing annual financial statements with the Federal Gazette. Even if financial statements are already filed or published there, they can be supplemented and updated.

    It is also possible to make corrections to financial indicators. The key figures "Revenue", "Earning" and "the number of employees" can be corrected and completed upon request. The request must provide evidence for the key figures, namely by submitting a PDF from a qualified external party (e.g. tax advisor, auditor, or notary). We reserve the right to reject the request without giving further reasons.

  • Shareholding Structures: This is possible via the legal entity register. Further information can be found here: