How are revenue figures estimated?

Many companies do not publish revenue figures in their annual financial statements. For these companies, we attempt to estimate the revenue figures.

As a rule, revenue figures are only disclosed by medium-sized and large corporations (please refer to this article for a better understanding of the availability of financial key performance indicators).

A prerequisite for an estimate is an annual financial statement, which, at least, shows key performance indicators such as balance sheet total, cash balance, receivables and/or the number of employees. These parameters form the basis for the revenue estimate via non-linear regression analysis. The respective parameters depend on the company's industry.

The only purpose of estimate is to establish a correct order of magnitude and by no means an exact value. Like any statistical method, the estimate is subject to errors (in some cases even completely incorrect) which must be taken into account in the interpretation.

Finally, estimated revenue figures are marked as "uncertain" and are only available for Premium Users.